Design of active inductor-based butterworth and chebyshev microwave bandpass filters in standard 0.18µm-CMOS technology

Jarjar Mariem, Pr. EL Quazzani Nabih


In this paper we propose a synthesis of microwave active filters having Butterworth and Chebyshev responses in the frequency range 1GHz-2GHz. The filter fundamental block, used to build an active inductor, consists of CMOS-based Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) circuits. These amplifiers are made out of simple current mirror using MOS transistors. The simulation procedure has been carried out through PSPICE software showing good performances regarding scattering parameters in terms insertion losses, of out-of-band rejection and phase.


0.18μm CMOS; Active inductor; Current mirror; Microwave filter; OTA.

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