FPGA Based Controller Area Network

Ali Ghareaghaji


In this paper the Controller Area Network (CAN) Controller is presented. CAN is an advance serial bus communication protocol that efficiently supports distributed, broadcast real-time control and fault tolerance features for automobile industries to provide congestion free networking. The CAN Controller is designed for scheduling of messages, consist of the Transmitter Controller, FIFO buffer, CRC generator and bit stuffer. Scheduling messages on CAN corresponds to assigning identifiers (IDs) to message according to their priorities. Non Return to Zero (NRZ) coding and Non Destructive Bitwise Arbitration (NDBA) is used. The data is taken from the buffer FIFO, bit stuffed and then transmitted after CRC is performed. The whole design is captured entirely in VHDL language using bottom up design and verification methodology. The proposed controller was designed for applications needing high level data integrity and data rates upto 1Mbps. The applications of CAN are factory automation, machine control, automobile, avionics and aerospace, building automation.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijres.v4.i2.pp122-128


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