Low-cost electrocardiogram monitoring system for elderly people using LabVIEW

Ricardo Yauri, Max Delgado, Enzo Flores, Oscar LLerena


Cardiovascular diseases increase due to factors such as obesity, an inadequate diet, and are a problem due to shortages of medical personnel and hospitals. In this case, the implementation of technological solutions is presented as a necessity to prevent heart diseases. Various approaches are used to design low-cost electrocardiogram (ECG) devices, from the use of Bluetooth technology to facilitate data transmission, to the development of wearable ECG devices that use artificial intelligence. The objective is to develop a monitoring system in LabVIEW to visualize the heart rhythms of older adults in the city of Lima (Peru), focusing on ease of use and adaptation to their needs, with the purpose of collaboration between health professionals. A development approach is used that encompasses design, implementation, and iterative testing, as well as practical evaluations and pilot testing. As a result, the correct functioning of the ECG device was validated. Electronic components and electrodes were integrated into the board to capture cardiac signals, energized with batteries and sending the information to an interface in LabVIEW. In conclusion, a portable ECG device has been developed that uses operational amplifiers (Op-amps) and analog filters to reduce noise in cardiac measurements and an intuitive interface in LabVIEW


Arduino; Elderly; Electrocardiogram; LabVIEW; Monitoring

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijres.v13.i2.pp483-490


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