Reliability analysis of GAN based transmit modules for active array antenna of phased array radar

Sajidha Thabbasum B., Veena Kalludi Narasimhaiah


Reliability is one of the most important requirements in our day to day life considering consistency, availability and failure free performance of the product over it’s define mission time. As complexity of the system increases, design for reliable systems is a big challenge. The objective of the reliability prediction analysis is to evaluate the predicted reliability of the active transmit receive modules (TRMs) under specified operating conditions, and to demonstrate that the predicted reliability meets the requirements, also to identify any parts present in the design which leads to higher failure rates. The research shows reliability of generative adversarial network (GAN) based TRMs covering from design to finalization of components as early as practicable in today's short product lifecycles. Using the reliability prediction process, we describe a method for providing design engineers with reliability feedback on their decisions. Using a conventional reliability prediction model, the Telcordia (Bellcore) parts stress prediction model, and some standard rules of thumb, we describe an initial implementation of this technique. It provides systematic identification of likely modes of failure, possible effects of each failure, and the criticality of each failure with regard to reliability, system readiness, mission success, and demand for maintenance/logistic support.


Derating; Failure rate; Mean time between failures; Prediction Reliability

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