Design and build an airbag system for elderly fall protection using the MPU6050 sensor module

Sena Sukmananda Suprapto, Vicky Andria Kusuma, Aji Akbar Firdaus, Wahyu Haryanto Putra, Risty Jayanti Yuniar


The use of technology has a significant impact to reduce the consequences of accidents. Sensors, small components that detect interactions experienced by various components, play a crucial role in this regard. This study focuses on how the MPU6050 sensor module can be used to detect the movement of people who are falling, defined as the inability of the lower body, including the hips and feet, to support the body effectively. An airbag system is proposed to reduce the impact of a fall. The data processing method in this study involves the use of a threshold value to identify falling motion. The results of the study have identified a threshold value for falling motion, including an acceleration relative (AR) value of less than or equal to 0.38 g, an angle slope of more than or equal to 40 degrees, and an angular velocity of more than or equal to 30 °/s. The airbag system is designed to inflate faster than the time of impact, with a gas flow rate of 0.04876 m3 /s and an inflating time of 0.05 s. The overall system has a specificity value of 100%, a sensitivity of 85%, and an accuracy of 94%.


Electronics; MPU6050 sensor module; Protective equipment; Sensor; Technology

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