Design of access control framework for big data as a service platform

Santosh Kumar Sharma, Ajay Pratap, Harsh Dev


Big data as a service (BDaaS) platform is widely used by various organizations for handling and processing the high volume of data generated from different internet of things (IoT) devices. Data generated from these IoT devices are kept in the form of big data with the help of cloud computing technology. Researchers are putting efforts into providing a more secure and protected access environment for the data available on the cloud. In order to create a safe, distributed, and decentralised environment in the cloud, blockchain technology has emerged as a useful tool. In this research paper, we have proposed a system that uses blockchain technology as a tool to regulate data access that is provided by BDaaS platforms. We are securing the access policy of data by using a modified form of ciphertext policy-attribute based encryption (CP-ABE) technique with the help of blockchain technology. For secure data access in BDaaS, algorithms have been created using a mix of CP-ABE with blockchain technology. Proposed smart contract algorithms are implemented using Eclipse 7.0 IDE and the cloud environment has been simulated on CloudSim tool. Results of key generation time, encryption time, and decryption time has been calculated and compared with access control mechanism without blockchain technology.


Access control; Attribute based encryption; Big data as a service; Blockchain; CloudSim tool

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