SDSFLF: fault localization framework for optical communication using software digital switching network

Chitra Raju, Sudarmani Rajagopal, Kanagaraj Venusamy, Kannadhasan Suriyan, Manjunathan Alagarsamy


Optical network is an emerging technology for data communication inworldwide. The information is transmitted from the source to destination through the fiber optics. All optical network (AON) provides good transmission transparency, good expandability, large bandwidth, lower bit error rate (BER), and high processing speed. Link failure and node failure haveconsistently occurred in the traditional methods. In order to overcome the above mentioned issues, this paper proposes a robust software defined switching enabled fault localization framework (SDSFLF) to monitor the node and link failure in an AON. In this work, a novel faulty node localization (FNL) algorithm is exploited to locate the faulty node. Then, the software defined faulty link detection (SDFLD) algorithm that addresses the problem of link failure. The failures are localized in multi traffic stream (MTS) and multi agent system (MAS). Thus, the throughput is improved in SDSFLF compared than other existing methods like traditional routing and wavelength assignment (RWA), simulated annealing (SA) algorithm, attackaware RWA (A-RWA) convex, longest path first (LPF) ordering, and biggest source-destination node degree (BND) ordering. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated in terms of network load, wavelength utilization, packet loss rate, and burst loss rate. Hence, proposed SDSFLF assures that high performance is achieved than other traditional techniques.


All optical network; Faulty node localization; Multi-traffic-stream; Software defined faulty link detection; Software defined switching enabled fault localization framework

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