Smart vehicle management by using sensors and an IoT based black box

Mohammad Minhazur Rahman, A. Z. M. Tahmidul Kabir, Al Mamun Mizan, Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman Alvi, Nazmus Sakib Nabil, Istiak Ahmad


As the number of transports on the road increases every day, so does the number of accidents. Reckless driving and consuming alcohol are two of the leading causes of accidents. Apart from these issues, the safety of humans and vehicles is also critical. A thorough investigation is required to minimize the accident rate and improve human safety, particularly if an incident occurs. The purpose of this study is to develop a few sensor-based black box system that will help us reduce traffic accidents by continuously providing precise guidance to the driver. At the same time, the evidence will be uploaded to its server for further evaluation. This system also includes a way of detecting drowsiness in the driver. Finally, using global positioning system (GPS) and global system for mobile communications (GSM), the relevant authorities will get information on the vehicle's condition and whereabouts. For security purposes, a panic button is introduced here to get emergency help from the security personnel by detecting the victim’s area.


Accident prevention; Black box; Light detection and ranging; Raspberry Pi; Real-time notification; Smart vehicle

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