Monitoring and control of single-phase electrical systems using IoT based microcontrollers

Puthireddy Umapathi Reddy, Kelothu Naresh


The internet of things (IoT) has a significant impact on increasing the efficiency and quality of electricity in large power systems. Smart voltage and current monitoring systems (SVCMS) have been developed using a novel method. Using an Arduino Uno microcontroller and a Wi-Fi module, the integrated SVCMS design measures voltage and current sensor findings and sends the processed data to an Android phone. In order to communicate, the global systems for mobile communication (GSM) module is required. When anything goes wrong, an Android app may be used to notify users by text message or email and help them take the right action. It is possible to remotely monitor and control the operation of a gadget using logical programming techniques in Arduino which results easy load control.


Arduino; Current sensor; Grid; Internet of things; Voltage sensor

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