IoT based E-vehicle monitoring system using sensors and imaging processing algorithm

Manjunathan Alagarsamy, Prabakaran Kasinathan, Geethalakshmi Manickam, Prabu Ragavendiran Duruvarajan, Jeevitha Sakkarai, Kannadhasan Suriyan


Human evolution has included the development of transportation systems. People are currently driving a significant number of fuel-powered automobiles. This resulted in an increase in the number of accidents as well as pollution in the environment. To address the disadvantages of gasolinebased vehicles, this study presents an IoT-based E-vehicle monitoring system (E-VMS) for early accident detection and to make the environment cleaner and greener by using alternative energy. E-VMS employs internet of things (IoT) technology to continuously monitor the vehicle as well as to access and control it remotely. The IoT devices installed in vehicles are built using an Arduino microcontroller and sensors to detect accidents quickly. When an accident occurs, the E-VMS recognizes it quickly and determines the severity of the incident. The machine will then promptly alert the authorities. The E-VMS is also familiar with the GPS system. This will allow the E-VMS to maintain track of the cars' location in real time. This information will be used to locate the car in the event of an accident or theft. The E-VMS system's results were promising in terms of accurately identifying accidents, determining the severity of the accident, and determining the position of the vehicle.


Autonomy; Battery; Design architecture; Digital control; E-Vehicle; Mobile application; Sensor

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