Managing health supply chain using blockchain technology: state of art challenges and solution

Yassine Sabri, Said Harchi, Najib El Kamoun


The COVID-19 flare-up in late 2019 caused a worldwide medical crisis. In a littlemore than a quarter of a year, the quantity of COVID new cases has risen to in excessof 1,000,000 around the world.The fast transmission of the infection prompts newcases to be accounted for all around the world constantly. At the same time, mortalityrate and contaminations keep on rising rapidly. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemichas led to the implementation of lockdowns and social distancing rules that negativelyimpact global economies. It has upturned many challenges which are mentioned inthis paper,we proposed a solution to these major problems, blockchain technology canplay a vital role in closing maximum escape clauses in the present system to improvevisibility and traceability and to provide a clear far vision for the stakeholders presentin pharmaceutical industry.


Blockchain; Healthcare; Logistics; Medical services; Smart contracts; Supply chains

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