Neural net implementation of steam properties on FPGA

R. V. S. Krishna Dutt, R. Ganesh, P. Premchand


Real time applications like model predictive control, monitoring and data reconciliation of power plants and industrial processes employ nonlinear mathematical models and require thermodynamic properties and their derivatives of working fluids. Applications like super heater temperature control based on energy balance and real time data reconciliation, require an efficient and a compact method for simultaneous estimation of thermodynamic properties, and their partial derivatives suitable for implementation in field-programmable gate array (FPGA). However, the complex mathematical formulations of these properties prohibit direct implementations in FPGAs. Single artificial neural network (ANN) architecture is used to replace the entire code in higher level languages, running into a few thousand lines. FPGA implementation of a compact neural network for the entire range of thermodynamic properties is presented. Large arguments in sigmoid function are factored into a product of integer and a fractional part which is represented using series approximation with five terms only and the integers are represented in look up table (LUT). This ensures optimum storage and computational burden for the above applications. The ANN is implemented in IEEE 754 floating point with synthesis in Xilinx ISE design suite using Verilog HDL. The results are presented for a typical pressure versus saturation temperature.


Artificial neural network, FPGA, IEE754 floating point, Thermodynamic properties, Verilog HDL, Xilinx ISE

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