512 bit-SHA3 design approach and implementation on field programmable gate arrays

S. Neelima, R. Brindha


In this work, the authors consider the newly selected Hash Secure (SHA-3) algorithm on FPGA Gateway. The design is logically optimized for zone efficiency by combining the Rho steps and the one-pass algorithm. Logically recording these three steps registers leads to usage 16% of the logical resources for all implementations. This in turn reduces the latency and increases the maximum operating frequency of the project. It uses only 240 sections and has a frequency of 301.02 MHz compared to the design results with the previous FPGA implementation described in SHA3-512, the design shows the Throughput-Per-Slice (TPS) ratio of 30, 1.


Encryption and decryption, FPGA, SHA3, TPS ratio

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijres.v8.i3.pp169-174


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