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Vol 5, No 3: November 2016 A Gracefully Degrading and Energy-Efficient FPGA Programming using LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
B. Naresh Kumar Reddy, N. Suresh, J.V.N. Ramesh
Vol 4, No 3: November 2015 A New-High Speed-Low Power-Carry Select Adder Using Modified GDI Technique Abstract   PDF
M. Anitha, J.Princy Joice, Rexlin Sheeba.I
Vol 2, No 2: July 2013 A Novel Evolutionary Method for Designing Optimized Multifunctional Logic Modules Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Anjomshoa, Ali Mahani
Vol 7, No 2: July 2018 A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm Using Gabor - based KPCA Abstract   PDF
Umasankar Ch, D. Naresh Kumar, Md. Abdul Rawoof, D. Khalandar Basha, N. Madhu
Vol 1, No 1: March 2012 A Novel FPGA based Leading One Anticipation Algorithm for Floating Point Arithmetic Units Abstract   PDF
Ashwini Suresh Deshmukh
Vol 1, No 1: March 2012 A Novel High Speed FPGA Architecture for FIR Filter Design Abstract   PDF
Sachin B. Jadhav, Nikhil Niwas Mane
Vol 7, No 2: July 2018 A Power Efficient Self Biased OTA Design Based on g_m/I_D Methodology with Considering Load Variation, Temperature Variation and Power Supply Variation Abstract   PDF
Vikas Mittal
Vol 1, No 2: July 2012 AES Encryption Algorithm Hardware Implementation: Throughput and Area Comparison of 128, 192 and 256-bits Key Abstract   PDF
Samir El Adib, Naoufal Raissouni
Vol 5, No 1: March 2016 An Automated Way of Baking Process for Moisture Sensitive Components Abstract   PDF
A. Ramamoorthy, M. Jagadeeshraja, L. Manivannan, K. Raja
Vol 4, No 3: November 2015 An Efficient approach for Design and Testing of FPGA Programming using LabVIEW Abstract   PDF
Naresh Kumar Reddy, N. Suresh
Vol 4, No 2: July 2015 An Efficient Framework for Floor-plan Prediction of Dynamic Runtime Reconfigurable Systems Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Al-Wattar, Shawki Areibi, Gary Grewal
Vol 2, No 3: November 2013 An Efficient Implementation of the Entire Transforms in the H.264/AVC Encoder using VHDL Abstract   PDF
Farhad Rad, Ali Broumandnia
Vol 4, No 1: March 2015 An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Nonbinary LDPC Decoder with Adaptive Message Control Abstract   PDF
Varatharajan Ramachandran
Vol 5, No 1: March 2016 An Encyclopedia Coverage of Compiler’s, Programmer’s & Simulator’s for 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, Arduino Embedded Technologies Abstract   PDF
Anand Nayyar
Vol 5, No 3: November 2016 An FPGA Implementation of On Chip UART Testing with BIST Techniques Abstract   PDF
P Bala Gopal, K Hari Kishore
Vol 4, No 2: July 2015 An Integrated Architectural Clock Implemented Memory Design for Embedded System Abstract   PDF
Ravi Khatwal, Manoj Kumar Jain
Vol 7, No 3: November 2018 An Optimal Design of CMOS Two Stage Comparator Circuit using Swarm Intelligence Technique Abstract   PDF
Sasikumar Sasikumar, Muthaiah Muthaiah
Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 An Ultra Low Power CMOS Sigma Delta ADC Modulator for System-on-chip (SoC) Temperature Sensor for Aerospace Applications Abstract   PDF
Deepak Prasad, Vijay Nath
Vol 7, No 2: July 2018 Analysis of CMOS Logic and Transmission Gate for 64 Bit Parallel Prefix Adders Abstract   PDF
Nehru.K K, Nagarjuna T, Somanaidu U
Vol 5, No 2: July 2016 Analysis of Different Ways of Crosstalk Measurement in GSM Network Abstract   PDF
Musefiu Aderinola, Bokolo Abovie, Festus Okosi, Igoniderigha Daniel, G.F. Odubo
Vol 6, No 1: March 2017 Android Based Switch Controlling Technique for LED Bulbs Using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Technology Abstract   PDF
Munigoti Saikiran, Lalith Nagaram Nagarajan, Malladi Bharath
Vol 6, No 3: November 2017 Application of Inverse Perspective Mapping for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Automotive Embedded Systems Abstract   PDF
Vighnesh N.T, Rachana Anil, Rohith Kumar D, Sanjana Sharvana, Rajeshwari Hegde, B S Nagabhushana
Vol 4, No 2: July 2015 Application of New Approach of design flow for Hardware/Software Embedded System with the Use of Design Patterns in Fuzzy control system Abstract   PDF
Ali Bouyahya, Yassine Manai, Joseph Haggège
Vol 6, No 3: November 2017 ARM Controller and EEG based Drowsiness Tracking and Controlling during Driving Abstract   PDF
B. Naresh, S. Rambabu, D. Khalandar Basha
Vol 5, No 1: March 2016 ARM9-Linux Karnel Abstract   PDF
Pradip Ram Selokar
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