Implementation of PWM AC chopper controller for capacitor run induction motor drive via bacterial foraging optimization algorithm

Gobi Mohan Sivasubramanian, Murali Narayanamurthy


This paper focuses on design of closed-loop control for pulse width modulated AC chopper controlled capacitor run induction motor drive engaging enriched optimization algorithm based on foraging of bacteria. Capacitor run induction motor is a non-linear device and its parameter varies under different functional point of the system. A linearized increment model for PWM AC chopper is illustrated for a particular functional point of the drive. The conventional method does not provide acceptable performance under different load conditions. Bacteria foraging optimization technique categorizes accurate control parameters for the superlative dynamic response under unit step load variations. Field Programmable Gate Array is implemented practically for a particular functional point of the drive to exhibit accurate performance. Experimental and simulated results are obtained to authenticate the effectiveness of the optimized controller.



Bacteria foraging optimization; Field programmable gate array; PID control; Functional point; Settling time

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