Design and development of internet of things based smart ration dispensing system

Mallikarjuna Gowda C.P, Raju Hajare, Shubha V Jois, Pavana Pavana, Srinivas M


In this paper, we proposed a smart IOT based automated Public ration dispensing system that overcomes the major challenges present in the existing Public Distribution System (PDS) which are irregular measurement of goods, erroneous entries in the stock register of centres containing incorrect stock information of the commodities that are delivered to the consumers, this results in inaccurate distribution of the goods to the beneficiary. We overcome those drawbacks by incorporating smart measuring automated electronic device which authenticate user, measures the goods accurately, updates it in data base periodically about the availability of goods, and thereby digitizing the dispense tracking, which improves the transparency of the PDS.


Automation, Digitization, Database management, Authentication


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